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Windfall® is a national group purchasing organization that connects its members directly to great savings from preferred suppliers. Simply put, we are in the business of bringing more business, to your business! We do this by bringing value to our members. Our members in turn bring loyalty to you, the supplier. Suppliers love working with our strong and always growing member base.

Effortlessly Target More Business

It’s a win-win-Windfall! Here’s what you can expect.

Connect to Members

Windfall® membership base is 10.5M
& growing

Increase Sales

Members spend $30m annually with Windfall® suppliers

Free Promotion

Personalized, targeted marketing engages

Customer Retention

Experience 4x greater customer retention
with Windfall®

Proven Results

Our knowledge, network and experience
delivers results

Dedicated Member Care

Trusted, reliable service is your extra power
to succeed

Become a Windfall® Supplier!

We continually seek partnerships with top vendors to deliver exceptional business products and services to our members. If you’re a supplier with a commitment to quality, customer service, and inventively meeting the ever-changing needs of your customers, we’d like to talk to you.

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Windfall® is a group purchasing organization connecting our more than 10.5M members directly to amazing savings from preferred national suppliers.


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