When you think of the word “office,” you don’t often think about a calm or relaxing environment. You may not even think of an office as being a space that makes you productive. And it’s true: being indoors with artificial light for eight or more hours a day can be downright draining. Many studies have shown a correlation between a company’s workspace and their level of productivity. In the past, many business owners opted for rows of desks or cubicles, but now, businesses are learning that bland cubicles no longer lead to a happy or productive workplace. New office trends, such as open floor plans and standing desks, are emerging all over the country, revealing interesting insight into correlation between office design and overall productivity.

As an employer, you may be wondering, “so how do I make my office a more productive work environment?” Here are a few ideas:

Think vertical

Even though it may seem out of the ordinary, stand up desks are becoming an increasingly popular trend in offices. Standing at your desk has many health benefits, and it provides employees an opportunity to stand instead of sit. Of course, a stand up desk may not be best for all of your employees, but try incorporating a few around the office and allow employees to use them when they need a break from sitting.

Keep things comfortable

If you want your employees to churn out high-quality work, you need to make sure that your employees are comfortable. Good ventilation, natural light and plants may not sound like much, but all of these things help make your employees feel comfortable and at home when they’re in the office. Making some simple tweaks around the office can help increase work quality while making your employees happier.

Also, don’t forget about office temperature. Everyone has his or her own idea of an ideal temperature, and there’s no one temperature that will make everyone happy. Instead of having your employees fight over the thermostat, stick to science. It’s been proven that the most productive environment stays between 71 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit.

Color me productive

There are differing opinions about whether to keep your office neutral or colorful, but color has long been proven to affect productivity at work. Blue stimulates the mind and can be calming, while yellow is optimistic and inspires creativity and green creates a calming balance. Highly saturated, bright colors will stimulate the mind while softer, muted colors will soothe. This isn’t to say you should go and paint your office all bright colors, but adding a splash of color in different areas of the office can help increase productivity and keep employees happy and attentive.

Give your employees a space to relax

Many businesses are hesitant to provide their employees with a space to relax because they feel it will lead to a lax work environment and decrease overall productivity. However, this couldn’t be further from the case. We’ve all had hard days at work where everything is going wrong, you’re stressed out and you can’t seem to stay on task. Having a place where employees can go to unwind will help increase morale and will encourage employees to take a step back if they’re stuck in a rut. When people feel relaxed and energized, they tend to produce better work and are more focused throughout the day.

When you change the flow of your office, you’ll begin to notice results – happier employees, increased productivity and a higher quality of work produced. Don’t be afraid to make your office a place that inspires both you and your employees.