The holidays are often seen as a time of gift-giving. With holiday season in full swing, you may want to give your clients a gift as a way of saying “thanks for doing business with us.” Sending a holiday gift to a client is a great way to get your brand remembered and to show clients your appreciation.

When searching for promotional products for the holidays, it’s easy to stick with what you already know, such as pens, koozies, and notepads. But the holidays are a great time to shake things up and try something new with your promotional products. Here’s a list of 6 cool promotional products that you can give to your clients for the holidays:

Travel Mugs

It’s no secret that many people choose to travel for the holidays, whether by plane, car, train or even cruise. During those trips, it’s always nice to have a cup that’s easy to travel with so you can refill it on the go. Travel mugs and tumblers are relatively inexpensive, and they’re a great opportunity to get your logo in front of a ton of people.


If you give your clients a calendar before they buy their own, there’s a good chance that they’ll use your calendar all year – meaning they’ll be thinking about your brand throughout the year. Calendars are also a great non-denominational gift that everyone will love.

Custom Gift Baskets and Chocolate

Custom gift baskets and chocolate are a popular holiday gift for clients, and it’s something that almost everyone will love. People tend to steer clear of food gifts due to price, but there are ways to cut costs. Instead of buying a pre-made gift basket, consider putting one together yourself for your top clients and including some promotional products in the basket as well as a personalized card.


Many promotional product stores offer customizable Christmas ornaments. If you know that your clients put up a tree every year, giving them an ornament to add to their tree is a great gift idea.

Stress Relievers

It’s no surprise that people are often stressed out during the holidays trying to find presents for everyone, making time to spend with family and making sure all of the work gets done. Stress relievers such as stress balls and other squishy toys are great for all types of people, and they’re something that people can use all year long. If you’re going for a seasonal theme, you can order customized stress relievers in the shape of Santa, the Star of David or even snowmen – but remember to offer a selection so you don’t alienate any of your clients.

Christmas Cards

Sending personalized and branded Christmas cards is a great way to send holiday greetings to many of your clients without spending a fortune. Sure, you could easily go to any local card store and pick up a holiday card, but purchasing them from a promotional product company will allow you to brand them with your logo and include a personalized message.