As a business owner, you’re used to dealing with high stress levels, but the same can’t be said for your employees. Although your employees aren’t dealing with the same stress as you are, they still deal with stress on a daily basis. When your employees’ stress builds up, your team will become less productive and emotionally disconnected from their work.

There are a number of things your employees can do for themselves to reduce their stress levels at work such as get more sleep, think positively, and keep organized, but as an employer, you can (and should) help out, too. Your employees are the most important investment in your business, and it’s important that you treat them that way. If they’re too stressed out to give it their all at work, it’s ultimately your company that will suffer. Plus, there’s nothing fun or exciting about stressed out employees.

So what can you do to help keep your employees from being stressed out at work? Here are a few ideas:

Talk to your employees

Employees often feel separated and disconnected from their bosses, and even a simple conversation with their boss can cause added stress. Concerns over upcoming changes, the state of the company and unknown expectations can cause a great amount of stress. Don’t keep your employees in the dark about what goes on within the company, and don’t be afraid to take some time to have a casual conversation with them. Ask them how they’re doing, communicate what you expect of them, and let your employees know what’s ahead for the company. You don’t need to be their best friend, but taking the time to get to know your employees can greatly reduce stress in the workplace.

Beautify your office

Stacked boxes, piles of paper and harsh lighting all make for subtle stressors. You may not think that having a visually appealing office matters to your employees, but there’s a good chance that it does. Offices that feel cold and stuffy usually make employees feel stressed out and less productive. Invest in comfortable office furniture, bring in a few plants and even integrate a little bit of aromatherapy. All of these things are simple ways to make the office feel more like home, and they’re great ways to help reduce stress among your employees.

Give your employees a space to relax

There’s a common misconception that relaxed work environments lower productivity. However, the opposite is usually true. A relaxed workplace can benefit both you as a business owner and your employees by increasing job satisfaction and reducing stress. Giving your employees a way to unwind when things get overwhelming is a great way to reduce stress around the office. Consider changing the function of your break room by adding beanbag chairs and TVs or use an empty area to create a social space for employees to hang out and collaborate. You’ll benefit from having more relaxed employees, and your employees will appreciate that you gave them a space to unwind.