If you work in a company’s HR department or if you manage HR for your company, you know how common it is to meet with an employee only to update their personal information, such as an address or phone number. These tasks, while small and easy to update, take time away from other important job duties.

Employee Self Service

An increasingly popular tool in today’s workplace is employee self-service (ESS). Employee self-service helps manage many HR related tasks that normally would have fallen to management or administrative staff. Employee self-service removes the middleman and allows HR staff to focus on other tasks while allowing employee to manage their personal information. If you’re not already using employee self-service, here are 4 reasons why using ESS can greatly benefit your business:

Increased productivity

Nothing takes up more time in your HR department than managing employee benefits, personal information and payroll data. When you implement an employee self-service option, you’ll lift much of that burden off of your HR department. Your HR staff won’t be bombarded with requests from other employees to update their personal information. Instead, your HR department can focus on developing strategies for managing employee performance and increasing morale in the workplace, and your employees can use the employee self-service to update their personal information and print out their paystubs.

Employee self-service helps to increase productivity by allowing all employees to focus on their roles and responsibilities instead of worrying about tasks that take time away from more important jobs.

Legal compliance

There are so many things that can go wrong in HR, and a single mistake can cause an even bigger one for the entire company. Employee self-service takes the guesswork out of many HR tasks that used to result in errors. Your employee self-service vendor takes the responsibility of being up-to-date on compliance regulations and ensures that your software is up-to-date as well. Employee self-service reduces the chance that you’re not being compliant with payroll and tax laws. It will also ensure that employees who don’t qualify for certain benefits won’t mistakenly receive them.

Ease of use

Employee self-service is easy to use, both for employees and the HR department. Employees can easily log into their employee self-service account and modify their information whenever they need to without having to talk to the HR department. If they need to add a child or spouse to their insurance or want to change how much they contribute to their retirement plan, employee self-service makes it easy for them to do so. Additionally, your HR department will be able to easily keep up with all of the changes happening to an employee’s account.


Employee self-service turns basic, yet time consuming, tasks into a simple automated process. Payroll responsibilities such as wages, child support deductions and retirement plan donations are all handled automatically rather than having to be done manually. This saves time and eliminates human error.

Many companies that offer payroll services also offer employee self-service options. Employee self-service is becoming more and more popular in the workplace, and it’s helping to make many HR-related tasks more streamlined and automated.

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