Shipping locally, or even nationally, can be time consuming and stressful – especially if you’re shipping something that’s a little out of the ordinary. Items like chemical waste, food and trade show exhibits need special attention and services to ensure that they arrive safely to their destination. Luckily, many LTL shipping companies offer services specifically for these situations, helping make shipping a breeze. If your company routinely ships items to trade shows or need to keep food cold, you may greatly benefit from specialized LTL shipping. Here are five types of specialized LTL shipping:

Exhibit/Trade Show

When you’re getting ready for an upcoming trade show and you’re responsible for shipping everything for your exhibit, it can be a challenge to figure out how to get everything to its final destination. Many LTL shipping companies offer services that will ship your trade show exhibits to your destination. They also guarantee delivery for the day you need it, and a team of people will monitor your shipment, making sure it arrives on time and damage free. LTL shipping companies also have on-site support to help you with set-up and breakdown.


For retailers, it’s important that the shipping company not only understand shipping but that they also understand your business and how your supply chain works. This may seem like a hefty task for a shipping company, but there are LTL shipping companies that are committed to understanding the retail process to help make your job easier. If your LTL carrier specializes in retail shipping, they’ll be able to meet delivery dates and time deadlines, especially for high-traffic days, such as during the holidays.

White Glove

White glove refers to shipments that contain sensitive or fragile items. Sensitive shipments with fragile items must be handled with special care. Sometimes, shipping carriers don’t take into consideration the “Fragile-Handle with Care” warnings on our boxes, and we’ve all received shipments only to find that fragile items have been damaged or broken. Luckily, many LTL shipping companies offer white glove shipping services to keep this from happening. By using this specialized service, you can ensure that your company’s shipments will make it to your customers’ doors on time and in tact.

Hazardous Materials

Most companies don’t have to ship hazardous materials, but if your company is the exception, it’s important to find a company that specializes in the transport of hazardous materials. Unsafe transport of chemical and hazardous materials can get your business in trouble, and it can be dangerous to everyone involved. With an LTL shipping company, you can have peace of mind knowing your hazardous materials will be transported in compliance with regulations put in place by the Department of Transportation and Homeland Security.

Freeze Protection

If your company ships cold-sensitive items, such as food or medicine, using an LTL shipping company can help ensure that your products arrive at their final destination free from damage. LTL shipping companies that offer freeze protection will keep your products that freeze at or below 32 ̊ F/0 ̊ C and will monitor weather forecasts, ensuring that your products stay frozen. Freeze protection services are used in a variety of industries including chemical products, food and beverage, candy, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and agricultural.