It’s no secret that as people become more and more digital, printers aren’t obsolete in the office setting. There will always be a need for documents to be printed for one reason or another. A great printer can help you save time and improve work efficiency, and there’s a variety of printers to fit different work environments. However, it can be hard to know which one is best for your business and which will get the most bang for your buck. If your business is in the market for a new printer, here are a few things to consider:

Choosing the right type of printer

The first step in choosing a new printer for your office is choosing the right type of printer. Understanding the different types of printers on the market will help you make an informed decision. Also, consider choosing one that can handle the daily printing volume and the types of documents being printed.

Inkjet printers are one of the most affordable printers on the market since they’re fairly small and are available at many office supply stores. Inkjet printers are mainly used for documents and photographs. These printers require ink cartridges, and the cartridges will need to be replaced with frequent use. They are ideal for homes and small offices that have a low to medium daily printing volume.

Another common type of printer found in office buildings is a laser printer. Laser printers are great for companies that print a high volume of documents and for high-resolution color. Laser printers are larger than inkjet printers, but this makes them better for medium to large companies that use their printer often or have more than one employee printing to the same printer. Unlike inkjet printers, laser printers can print a high volume of documents in a short amount of time without having to replace ink cartridges regularly. Although laser printers and toner initially cost more, they’re more efficient and affordable for companies that print frequently.

Extra features

Some printers only serve as printers, while others, such as all-in-one printers, offer additional features such as copying and scanning. All-in-one printers, also known as multi function printers, can print, scan, fax and photocopy. All-in-one printers come in a variety of sizes, but most of them are small enough to fit onto a small desk. All-in-one printers take up less room than many larger printers and they’re also a low-cost option. Even though it may seem expensive, buying an all-in-one printer may be less expensive than buying a fax machine and scanner individually.

One of the most common features paired with a printer is a copier. Many larger businesses use copy machines on a weekly basis. Copiers are available on both inkjet and laser printers.

Another common feature on printers is a scanner. Scanners allow you to transfer documents, such as receipts, onto your computer for storage or filing. They also make it easy to upload and share documents via email. As with copiers, scanners are available on both inkjet and laser printers.

Fax Machines:
Although many people prefer using scanners rather than fax machines, some businesses still have use for fax machines. Fax machines are more commonly found on inkjet printers, but some laser printers include faxing capabilities.