Let’s face it: to grow your business, you need to promote it. To promote it, you need to spend money. Every business owner already knows this, but what they may not know is that they can promote their business more while cutting down on their spending. How? By using a group purchasing organization.

What is a group purchasing organization (GPO)?

A group purchasing organization leverages the power of a group of businesses and helps them attain discounts on things they’re already buying, such as promotional products, office supplies and payroll services. Group purchasing organizations provide valuable savings to businesses in order to help them profit and grow. Group purchasing organizations are usually funded by administrative fees by vendors, and there’s no cost for you to join.

How can a GPO help my business?

Every business needs supplies and promotional items in order to be successful. You’ve seen them – the coffee mugs with the local donut shop’s name and logo neatly etched across the front or the t-shirts from the local tattoo shop that they pass out to employees and customers. Look in your closets and drawers. You probably have at least one shirt that has a company’s logo on it. Even the sweatshirt with your favorite football team is a promotional business product.

If you already have promotional products such as mugs, t-shirts and pens, you know how expensive they can be. The cost per item may be small, but the total cost can add up quickly. This is where group savings programs can help. Group purchasing organizations work with preferred suppliers to get you the best deals on promotional products for your business. Now you can save money while still buying the promotional products you’ve grown to love.

If you’re not handing out promotional items, you may want to think about why. Is it because of cost? Are you worried that buying promotional products won’t give you a good enough return on investment? Are you someone who believes promotional items are a waste of money? More often than not, businesses fail without the right amount of marketing. Promotional products alone won’t help your business succeed, but you need to make an effort to get your name out into your community. There’s no better way to tell the world about your business than handing out promotional items. Custom promotional items can be expensive, but taking advantage of group savings programs can help you get more for your money. Why not save your money and your business?

Group savings programs allow you to save money on the products that you’re already buying. The best part is that they’re partnered with companies that you’re probably already buying from. This means that you can get the same products you’re used to but for less. More savings means more money in your pocket to put toward your business.