Ordering promotional items for your business is an exciting time and can provide many opportunities to help increase your brand’s exposure. But knowing the right time to give away your awesome promotional items is difficult for some businesses. You don’t necessarily want to hand them out to every person who walks through the door, but you also don’t want to keep them tucked away in your storage cabinet. If you’re wondering where to give out your business’ promotional items, the answer is simple: anywhere your potential customers are! Here are common occasions where businesses can give away promotional items:

Trade Shows

Trade shows are a great place to hand out your promotional products. Booths that give away free gifts naturally get more attention than ones that don’t have free items. Of course, there will always be people who aren’t interested in your business and only want the free gift, but they’re still people who will be promoting your brand. Bags with your logo are great for trade shows – with all of the cups, pens and brochures, people will need a place to put it all. Why not a bag with your logo splashed across the side?

Community Events

Strong businesses make it a habit of connecting with their local communities and participating in community events. This is a great time to give away promotional items for your business. Whether you’re sponsoring a 5k or volunteering at a local music festival, giving away promotional items will help increase your brand exposure. Also, if you give away items that are relevant to the event you’re attending, people will be excited to use your product and will likely hold onto it after the event.

Company Holiday Parties

Office parties and company holiday parties are a great opportunity for you to pass out promotional gifts. Many companies offer you the ability to buy promotional items with the holidays in mind, tailoring your promotional item to the holiday season. Even though your employees are already strong promoters of your brand, it doesn’t hurt to give them some of your promotional items too. Giving your employees promotional items at company parties is a way to get your team excited about your company and the items you’ll be giving away.

New Business Promotions

You don’t need to reserve your promotional items only for potential customers. When a new client signs on to use your product or service, give them a promotional item as a way of saying thanks. Establishing a pattern of giving your new customers keepsakes to help them remember your business can be extremely valuable. This shows clients that you value their business. Plus, people love getting free stuff. Make it something useful. That way, your new client will keep it for a while.

End of the Year Gifts

Giving your employees gifts, towards the end of the year, shows that you value all of their hard work. Show your customers that you value them doing business with you also. Don’t be afraid to make it something useful, such as a calendar or coffee mug with your company’s logo on it. Calendars, coffee mugs and tumblers make great end of the year gifts for employees and customers alike.

Although you may not want to give out promotional items at every event you attend, giving away these items can help expand your brand’s reach and visibility. Use your best judgment, and if you think a certain event would be great for giving away promotional items, go ahead and do it! Buying in bulk can save you money in the long run, and the possibilities are endless for custom promotional products.