[fusion_text]Chances are you go through a lot of ink cartridges at home or at your office. If you multiply this at the national level, it’s astounding to think about the number of empty ink and toner cartridges that end up in landfills every year. Recycling your used ink cartridges is a great way to save money on future ink cartridge purchases, but it also has many environmental benefits. Here are the top 5 reasons to recycle your used ink cartridges.

1. Recycling ink cartridges helps save money, both for you and for the manufacturer. Manufacturers don’t have to spend extra money making new cartridges when they can recycle plastic from old ones. When manufacturers don’t spend as much money making new ink cartridges, the price of ink cartridges doesn’t get more expensive. Additionally, customers often receive used ink cartridges at a discounted price.

2. Recycling your used ink cartridges is easy. You can recycle your cartridges right from your home, office or you can go to your local office supply store. Most stores offer you the ability to recycle your old ink cartridges in exchange for a discount on a future purchase.

3. Ink cartridges that aren’t recycled end up in local landfills. Empty ink and toner cartridges take thousands of years to break down and often release toxic chemicals into the environment. Recycling used ink cartridges is environmentally friendly and reduces air and water pollution associated with landfills.

4. Although the impact may seem small, recycling your used ink cartridges results in less pollution being generated, since less ink cartridges are being made. Recycling used ink cartridges helps reduce a manufacturer’s environmental impact.

5. Save money on future office purchases when you recycle your used ink cartridges. Office Depot offers cash back when you recycle your used ink cartridges. Instead of tossing your old ink cartridges in the trash, save them and save money on your next purchase of office supplies.