If you’ve walked into any of the major tech retail stores, you probably know what it’s like to have a unique customer experience. There are no checkout counters and store representatives conduct transactions on the floor using a mobile device. They scan a barcode, you pay with your credit card and then you walk out with your purchase in hand. And you never even had to stand in line.

Although many larger retailers are adopting this trend, a mobile point-of-sale (POS) system can be utilized in all types of businesses, to small boutiques to nationwide chains. Here are four reasons to implement a mobile POS system in your store:

Reduce a customer’s time in line

A mobile POS system has the power to create a unique customer experience in your store. It also creates a system where there are no lines to wait in. Customers have the ability to walk up to any associate and pay for their purchase quickly and efficiently. Customers will likely be much more satisfied if they don’t have to wait in line, and you’ll be able to serve more customers each day.

Email receipts while collecting email information

More and more retailers are offering email receipts and customers are becoming more likely to take advantage of this option. As a retailer, email receipts are a great way to collect customer information while providing a service that’s highly requested. With a mobile POS system, you can easily collect email addresses while providing paperless receipts. Once you have a customer’s email address, you have the ability to send them emails about your company, including news and coupons. If you have a customer loyalty system, you can tie this into your mobile POS system as well. This allows you to store a customer’s purchase history and preferences, making returns and exchanges even easier.

Free up floor space

If you have a small retail space to work with, implementing a mobile POS system can help you take back the floor space that is currently being used by cash registers. This allows you to keep more inventory on the floor, reducing the amount of time you spend going back and forth between the storage room and store. Since mobile sales can happen anywhere, you could also use that space to create a small customer service counter for returns or questions.

Better understand your return on investment (ROI)

What is your best selling product? Which one of your locations is most successful? Who is your top salesperson? You can generate sales reports using your POS system that will let you know the effectiveness of any campaigns that you’re running. You’ll be able to find which products have the highest profit margins, who’s the best sales person on your team and which marketing promotions are the most successful. This allows you to optimize your sales processes, ordering and marketing to help improve your profit margins.