When was the last time you bought a yoga mat with your office supplies order? What about a cake stand? How about a crock pot? Chances are, the answer to all three is “never.” While office supply companies are most well-known for their pens, copy paper and sticky notes, there’s so much more that you can buy than just office supplies. Here are seven items you probably didn’t know you could order with your office supplies:

Yoga Tote and Mat
Whether you’re looking for a yoga mat for the office or for your employees to use after hours, you have the ability to buy a yoga tote and mat with your office supplies. The tote features adjustable straps that hold a rolled yoga mat, making it easy to carry and transport from one place to another. The bag has plenty of room for you to carry a change of clothes and a water bottle, while the thick rubber mat provides the ideal amount of cushioning for exercising.

Cargo Truck Organizer
If you have a company car or truck that gets used on a day-to-day basis, it’s probably a good idea to invest in an organizer. This cargo truck organizer features three pockets with a center insulated cooler with a zip-top lid. The cooler is perfect for storing cold drinks for your employees when they’re on the go. It’s also perfect for storing cleaning supplies, small towels, car chargers and more.

Shirts wrinkle and skirts crease. It’s an inevitable part of wearing business clothes. If you’re looking for an iron to keep in the office for days when you need employees to look their best, you can buy one when you purchase your office supplies. This iron is small and portable, making it easy to get to those tight spots such as collars and cuffs without having to rotate the iron. It even features an adjustable steam button that allows you to select the perfect amount of steam for the job.

Gym Duffel Bag
For people who enjoy going to the gym before or after work, you can buy a gym duffel bag with a water bottle when you purchase your office supplies. The duffel bag is the perfect size for storing all of your gym essentials – clothes, sneakers, water bottle, towel and more.

Lunch Crock Pot
A lunch crock pot is the perfect way to warm up your favorite meals on the go. This lunch crock pot easily warms up your favorite leftovers, soup, oatmeal and more at the convenience of your desk. It’s small design makes it easy to transport food from home to work, and the outside stays cool to the touch for safety. The inside vessel is dishwasher-safe, making clean up easy and mess-free.

Cake Stand
This cake stand is the perfect for keeping your cakes, pies and other baked goods fresh during an event at your office or during a special lunch for your employees. The cake stand is multifunctional and the top portion easily converts for use as a punch bowl or salad serving bowl. The base can even be used as a pie tray, vegetable trap or hors d’oeuvres plate.

If you’re looking for a fountain for the entry area of your office, you can buy one with your office supplies. This waterdrop indoor table fountain is designed to be perched on top of a table in your office or waiting area, and the sound of falling water, paired with the design, brings tranquility to any location.