When shopping for office supplies, it’s easy to remember to buy pens, notepads and staplers. But one thing people sometimes forget to buy is supplies for their employees. The most successful businesses know how important it is to keep their employees happy. Providing a fully stocked breakroom or kitchen in your office is one way to do that.

Office supply stores offer more than just your typical office supplies. They also offer must-have employee items. Here are 5 suggestions:

Coffee maker

Whether you opt for a traditional coffee maker or a single serve brewing system, having a coffee maker is an essential item. When employees come to work early or have a tiring day at the office, they’ll turn to coffee to help get them through the day. Having a coffee maker on hand makes it easy for your employees to get their caffeine fix.

Plates and Cutlery

When your employees bring their lunch to work, they usually don’t bring their own plates and cutlery because it’s something they expect for their bosses to have in stock. Having these will come in handy for your employees.


Just like plates and cutlery, employees don’t usually bring cups to work every day, but it’s something they’ll use often for soda, coffee and water. Have plenty of cups on hand for your employees since it’s something they’ll probably use often. Also, if clients frequently visit your office, you’ll want extra cups on hand so you can offer them something to drink.

Food and Drinks

You’re going to need something to put in your coffee maker, so keep plenty of coffee and tea on hand. Also, have a water cooler filled for employees who don’t like coffee. Also, keep snacks on hand for your employees in case they get hungry throughout the work day. You can also buy large containers of pretzels and trail mix, which will give your employees a healthier alternative to candy.

Refrigerator and Microwave

Even if eating out at lunch is a big deal at your company, you’re likely to still have employees who prefer to bring their lunch to work. Having a refrigerator and freezer gives them a place to store their lunches, drinks and snacks throughout the day. Also, have a microwave so your employees have a place to heat up food.

Although your break room or kitchen may feel like just another room, it’s one of the most important and valuable rooms for your employees. Keeping it fully stocked will keep your employees happy and give them a place to unwind when they need a break from their workload.