If you own a law office or you serve as an office manager, you know the importance of efficiency when running an office. Office supplies, no matter how big or how small, help increase efficiency and help keep the office organized. Attorneys and office managers are always looking for the best furniture, equipment and supplies in order to impress their current and prospective clients. Here are seven must-have office supplies for your new law office:


Since this will be your work area, it’s important that the desks you choose are not only spacious but functional as well. Make sure you buy a desk with plenty of counter and drawer space. Opting for a desk without drawers will only lead to a cluttered desk and a visually unattractive office. Also, consider the desk’s height in relation to the chairs.


Unless you enjoy standing all day, having chairs for your law office is a necessity. Chairs serve as your proverbial throne, and this is one item you won’t want to skimp on. Not only do you want a chair that’s visually appealing, but you also want one that’s comfortable to sit on all day. Some people like arm rests, others don’t. When you pick a chair, consider the height of the desk, and make sure that you have room for your knees and legs underneath the desk. Additionally, if you select a chair with rolling wheels, you’ll likely need a plastic floor mat to protect the floor’s surface and allow for smooth rolling.


Legal books are a staple in every office, and it’s important that you have a place to show them off. Buying bookshelves will allow you to do just that. Choose bookshelves that match your other office furniture. That way, you’ll be able to put your bookshelves wherever you choose without having to worry about colors or wood styles clashing.

Legal Pads

When you meet with clients or have meetings with other attorneys, you’re going to need something to write on. Legal pads, much like bookshelves, are a staple in every law office. These can often be purchased in bulk, making it affordable and easy to have extras lying around. Legal pads can be used as a notebook or can be put into a leather padfolio.

Pens and Pencils

This may seem like a small and obvious item to have around, but it’s important to have plenty of writing utensils at your new law office. Not only will you and your attorneys need something to write with but your clients will too. When clients come into your office, they’re probably nervous about what’s going to happen, especially if they’ve never met with an attorney before. Chances are, they left their pens at home or in the car, and they’ll need something to take notes with. Once you’ve established yourself and have a logo, it’s important to invest in pens that have your logo on them as well.


Law offices send out a lot of letters, and it’s essential that you have envelopes on hand. There’s nothing worse than going to mail an important letter, only to realize that you’re out of envelopes. Like legal pads, these can be purchased in bulk. It’s easy and affordable to have a large amount of envelopes on hand.

Lamps and lighting

Although nearly every office is equipped with lighting, you may find that some areas of the office aren’t as well lit as others. This is where lamps will be extremely beneficial. Whether it’s a small desk lamp or an extra lamp for one of your conference rooms, investing in extra lighting options is important for any law office. Having extra lamps around the office can make your new law office brighter and more inviting.