Quick…think of three promotional products!

Did you think of pens, notepads, and hats? If you did, you’re not alone. The majority of business owners and consumers alike have come to expect that brand promotional products should be uniform, unoriginal, and quite frankly, boring. We all have a penholder on our desk filled with pens from companies that we’ve come in contact with, but how many of us actually go to that penholder when we need to find a service? Having your logo on a hat, shirt, pen, or even bag is awesome – but before you send off for 500 pens, think about other promotional products you can use that would represent your brand and make your company stick in the minds of your prospects and customers.

We’ve gathered a list of three of the most coolest and effective promotional products we can find. The items that made this list, all did for different reasons, check it out:

Tablet Stand

Remember back to the last few in-person business meetings you had with your colleagues, vendors, customers, or prospects. How many of the attendees had a tablet with them? If your meeting was a conference call, take a guess as to how many of those involved were either on a tablet or looking at one during the meeting? Tablets are everywhere! Whether they’re used for business or personal uses, these handheld computers are considered essential by many. What better way to position your company as helpful, than providing your customers and prospects a product that not only looks cool, but is extremely valuable to them. They’ll love being able to stand their tablets up while drinking coffee in the morning, having a place to rest their screen during a presentation, and a permanent place to store their tablet on their desk. We love this promotional product, because it’s relevant, different and useful to the user.

Solar Chargers

This is one promotional product that you may keep a few for yourself. Knowing your clients and prospects’ needs and offering them a quick solution is a great way to make your company stand apart – even if the solution has nothing to do with your industry. Nearly everyone today has a smartphone and these phones get a lot of use: emails, social media, phone calls, photo storage, web browsing, etc.  With all the tools that consumers are using their phones for throughout the day, it’s not surprising that they need to be recharged frequently. If you’ve ever walked out the door one morning without your charger, you know how frustrating it can be at the end of the day to have a dead phone. Brand these awesome solar charges with your logo and pass them out! We think these chargers are a great way to give your consumers a product that they will actually use, while keeping your logo and branding in their minds.

Neoprene Auto Emergency Kit

Just like electronics, the majority of your consumers will own an automobile. This emergency kit Contains key light, distress flag, tire pressure gauge, one pair nitrile gloves, four wash-up towelettes, four latex-free adhesive bandages, two antiseptic towelettes, two triple antibiotic packets, and a first aid card. While you never want customers to find themselves in an emergency, show them that your company values them beyond their business – give them a way to be prepared for even the most minor of situations. This may not be a product that your consumer will see everyday, but when it’s counts – they’ll see your brand and be grateful that you care.

There are thousands of unique and fun promotional products you can find to represent your company, delight your consumer, and ensure that your company stays an integral part of their daily lives.