It’s no secret that promotional products have proven themselves as traditional marketing resources that truly yield results. While other traditional marketing tools have become obsolete in the wake of online and more current advertising methods, promotional handouts have maintained a place of distinction in virtually any marketing mix for one pertinent reason: they work. Business owners in every industry, and running an organization of every size and scope, can customize these promotional items with relevant corporate information, hand them out to the masses, and effectively broaden the reach of their brand.

What To Know When Incorporating Promotional Products In Your Marketing Mix

Of course, as with any marketing method, strategic and systematic calculations prove necessary to ensure optimal return on investment. If you’re currently considering utilizing promotional products in your marketing mix, read on as understanding key tips to consider when creating your campaign can help your team maximize benefits and results.

When brainstorming promotional products to extend your brand exposure, consider:

#1 – Easy to transport: First and foremost, brainstorm with your team items that are easy to transport to guarantee that your products find themselves any and everywhere. While everyone loves a free handout, no one wants a giveaway that proves too bulky and heavy — it’s a surefire recipe for transforming a takeaway into a throwaway. Look around your office or personal desk space for ideas on what travels fastest in the workplace. Pens, coffee mugs, water bottles, lunch bags and beverage insulators can all prove ideal ways to improve the promotional effectiveness of your chosen items.

#2 – Able to be worn: Yes, easy to carry items can extend the breadth of your marketing campaign; however, easy to wear items can prove even more effective. Not only do garment items, such as hats and t-shirts, get multiple uses, they also get seen in a wide range of environments. Work, school, the gym, and even just out and about in town running errands, your items have an extensive opportunity to be seen by the masses on any given outing.

#3 – Audience relevance: A key way to guarantee your promotional products will deliver maximum marketing return on investment? Make sure they prove relevant to your targeted consumer demographic. Do your consumer research in advance to know your prospective clientele as well as you possibly can – it will make it easier for you to pinpoint an item that they will find both fun and functional as well as something they will want to use.

#4 – Maximizing handout opportunities: Finally, when attempting to broaden the reach of your promotional products, it’s important to hand them out as often as your possibly can. Ensure your employees have access to these items and encourage them to bring them with them whenever they may encounter prospective clients. Industry conventions, trade shows, job fairs, college campuses and recruiting events all make great forums to get your items into the hands of the masses. Additionally, look for ways to incorporate your handouts with online campaigns to yield further results. Giving handouts away through contests on your corporate website and/or through your social media pages can instantly help generate a little positive business buzz with long term-marketing results.