If your firm is like most medical practices, your top priority is to help promote health and healing among your patients. Thinking about marketing yourself as a business entity often takes a backseat to the more pressing need of providing the healthcare services that your patients require. But, there is an easy way to promote your practice amongst your targeted patient demographic, working with a professional provider for promotional items for medical offices can quickly get (and keep) you on the patient radar.

Which Promotional Items For Medical Offices Yield Best Results?

When working with a distributor to source the best promotional items for medical offices, it’s important to know what to look for in an effective giveaway. There are a few key factors to consider when brainstorming which promotional items for medical offices will garner the most traction for your practice and deliver the best, most sustainable results. When choosing items, ask yourself the following questions to guarantee that you’re on the right track for picking a product that will work best with your patients (and family/friends of your patients):

  • Is it easy to transport?
  • Will my patients find it useful?
  • Is my brand easy to identify?
  • Can this item offer multiple uses?

Based on these questions, there are four promotional items for medical offices that have proven that they can deliver extensive and long-term results to patients in virtually any type of healthcare practice

1. T-shirts/hats: Garments make an ideal promotional product for virtually any industry, and with good reason; items like t-shirts and hats help business owners satisfy all of the above requirements…and more. Offering your patients shirts and hats emblazoned with your business practice name gives them a useful (who can’t use a free shirt and/or hat?), easy to transport (aka wear) item with your corporate name prominently displayed each and every time they are worn.

2. Office items: Using office products as promotional items for medical offices can also deliver optimal return on investment. Workplace items offer universal appeal, no matter what industry your patients work in. Pens, mouse pads, lunch bags and the like can all help your organization broaden the reach of your brand. Bonus perk? Even if your client doesn’t have an office job, he or she will still find a multitude of ways to get use (and exposure) out of your promotional products.

3. Beverage products: Another genre of promotional items for medical offices that yield results? Beverage items. Coffee mugs, travel cups, water bottles and even drink insulators can provide a perfect way for you to broaden the breadth of your practice with far reaching results.

4. Tote bags: Customized tote bags and carries embellished with a healthcare provider’s business name also proves one of the most effective promotional items for medical offices. You’ll be able to find a wide range of sizes, in various price points to ensure your maximize results, all while minimizing costs.