When it comes to marketing any business, it’s critical to stay ahead of the promotional trend curve. Incorporating some of the very latest marketing methods can help your organization look fresh and relevant, all while edging out the competition for your share of the marketplace. By maintaining a marketing mix full of innovative new promotional approaches, business owners of every size and scope can easily compete with even the biggest corporate giants in their industry.

Marketing With Promotional Products Can Yield Impressive Results And Benefits

While new advertising tactics certainly warrant major consideration in any marketing arsenal, it’s imperative to not overlook the value of traditional promotional methods. Yes, professional marketers regard some traditional tactics as industry dinosaurs. However, there are several tried and true traditional marketing tactics that have proven their ability to yield results that rivals those of their new marketing counterparts. Case in point? Customized promotional items.

By definition, promotional items are various products emblazoned with brand specific information (think company name, logo, specific color scheme, graphics, motto, etc.). Merchandise such as water bottles, coffee mugs, pens and other products can be personalized with your company’s brand with one primary purpose: to broaden the breadth of your brand exposure to anyone it comes in contact with.

Knowing some of the many benefits that customized promotional items can offer to your business can help demonstrate just how effective these giveaways truly can be. Marketing with promotional products offers:

Instant attention

It’s no secret that everyone loves a freebie. Handing out promotional items sans charge to prospective customers at trade shows, conferences and conventions proves a great way to instantly command attention from recipients, making them more likely to check out your website and/or social media pages to learn more about what your organization has to offer.

Easy transport

The best type of promotion item is one that is easy to transport and likely to travel quickly. Pens, mugs, stress balls…all of these items can quickly circulate around an office building, increasing your business brand exposure with everyone who sees it.

Audience personalization

Unlike static flyers and brochures that offer flat advertisement, promotional products come in a virtually endless range of options. You and your team can easily brainstorm the best items that will most resonate with your specific targeted audience. Finding something that complements your company’s services, such as using a customized mouse pad to promote an IT consulting firm, will deliver a marketing message that your audience is more likely to remember (because it’s something they can actually use).


Best of all, marketing with promotional products delivers unparalleled affordability when compared to other marketing methods. Various items available for customization will come in a wide range of price points so you can easily find an option that will work with your business budget. Additionally, many promotional item firms offer discounts for bulk orders, making these products an even better value.